Frequenty Asked Questions

What makes fruit Bowl snacks different?

Eating healthily and getting fruit into your diet isn’t always easy, especially when you want a sweet treat or hunger fix. To help make eating fruit a much more fun and appealing snacking option, Fruit Bowl have created an exciting range of irresistibly tasty and fun to eat fruit snacks packed with real fruity goodness. They’re perfect to munch between meals or curb after school tummy rumblings, as well as a great addition to lunch boxes. The range is low in fat and provides you with a better alternative to other less healthy snacking options.

Some of the treats in the Fruit Bowl range like Fruit Peelers, School Bars and Fruit Flakes count as one of your 5 a day!

Do fruit Bowl snacks count as one of my 5-a-day?

Fruit Bowl School Bars and Fruit Peelers will count as 1 of your 5 a day – they both count as 1 adult’s portion of fruit (based on one adult’s 80g portion of fresh equivalent fruit).

Fruit Flakes also count as 1 child’s portion of fruit (based on one child’s 50g portion of fresh equivalent fruit). Our Yogurt Coated Fruit Flakes account for just under half of a child’s portion.

Do Fruit Bowl snacks contain any added sugar?

Fruit Flakes, School Bars and Peelers do not contain any added sugar – only that coming from the fruit.

With our Yogurt Coated Fruit Flakes we added some additional sugar in order to gain the right texture & flavour in the finished product.

Do Fruit Bowl snacks contain any artifical colours or flavours?

The Fruit Bowl range contain only natural colours and flavourings.

Are Fruit Bowl snacks gluten free?

Yes, they all are.

Are Fruit Bowl snacks suitable as part of a vegetarian diet?

Yes, the whole range is suitable for vegetarians.

Where Can I Buy Fruit Bowl Snacks?

Fruit bowl snacks are available from supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Budgens) nationwide. And also available from Ocado.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Some of our packaging is, but unfortunately not all of it. Our School Bar outer cartons are recyclable. Our fruit flakes’ and yogurt coated fruit flakes’ packets are not currently recyclable, but we are looking at ways to improve recycling in our business.

Why have you removed the inner wrap from the Fruit Peelers?

To help reduce the amount of non-recyclable packaging waste we generate from our products we have taken the decision to remove the inner polythene wrap from all our Peelers.

Are your products Kosher?

Fruit Peelers and Fruit Flakes are Kosher.

Do Fruit Bowl products contain nuts?

None of the Fruit Bowl products’ recipes contain nuts. However, our Yogurt Coated product range is made in a factory that also handles nuts.

What is the source of your Palm oil?

Where Palm oil is used in Fruit Bowl products, this is sourced from a sustainable source.