Allergen Update

At Fruit Bowl we have recently conducted a review and, as a result, have decided to update the labelling on our Fruit Peelers and Fruit Flakes. This is purely a precautionary measure to ensure we’re communicating thoroughly with our customers.

We are changing the packaging over to include may contain nuts and peanut allergy information so that it’s easier for our consumers to distinguish between the allergens. This is not on the back of any food safety issue or known contamination but as part of improved communication to parents.

The range is not packed in the vicinity of nuts and our supplier also has strict allergen procedures.

We haven’t changed the recipe or the ingredients for our range of products and we’d like to reassure our customers that we haven’t experienced any issues with allergies in the past. No one has ever been taken ill after eating any of our products.

If you have any questions or concerns please refer to the Q&A section below, or get in touch with us on or tel: +44 (0) 1733 362900