Introducing our Fruitivators!

We are so excited to introduce some brand new Fruit Bowl family members to our team.. meet our Fruitivators!

Our inspirational Fruitivators are Fruit Bowl’s biggest fans and will be sharing fruity news, new product reviews and some exclusive competitions and recipes with you. Follow them on social media to find out more!


 Racheal BurfordRachael Burford, Harlequins and England Rugby

How does Fruit Bowl fit into your life?
Fruit Bowl fits easily into my daily life, I’m always on the go, from work to training to meetings. I spend a lot of time in the car travelling from one thing to the next so I keep some Fruit Bowl Peelers in my glove box to give me a little pick me up when I’ve finished training/work and on my way to the next thing!

What is your favourite product?
The Peelers are my favourite- taste delicious, sweet and fruity and handy portion side.

What are your top 5 snacking tips?
– Think fuel- why are you snacking? Because you’re bored? or because you are having an energy dip?
– Drink water with snacks
– Try and eat something every 3 hours
– Keep your snacks no more than 200 calories
– Mix your snacks up, try different things, fruit, yoghurts, eggs, protein sources etc

Emily DeforandEmily Defroand, England Hockey

How does Fruit Bowl fit into your life?
In my opinion, Fruit Bowl provide the best snacks around! They are a delicious, fruity snack that can appeal to absolutely everyone and play a big influence on my day to day routine as an international hockey player.

What is your favourite product?
That is a very hard question although I would have to say my favourite product is my go-to pre-game snack – the Yogurt Coated Strawberry Flakes. They not only provide me with 1 of my 5 a day but also give me a refreshing, sweet boost before stepping onto the hockey pitch.

What are your top 5 snacking tips?
– Always be prepared – no matter where you go, whether it’s to a training session, out shopping, to school etc, always carry a snack with you. In my case I won’t go anywhere without a bag of Fruit Flakes and/or a piece of fruit.
– Try to plan your snack based on your day ahead. For example, if you have a busy day at school, work or even a heavy training session make sure you have a more substantial snack compared to a day at home relaxing. For example a snack on a busy day may be fruit and yoghurt topped with some Fruit Flakes compared to snacking on a Fruit Peeler or a handful of nuts on a day of relaxation.
– One of the key messages our GB Hockey nutritionist Emma Gardner says is how important it is to snack throughout the day to avoid overeating at meal times. I try to protein pulse throughout the day, preferably every 3 hours, to achieve this.
– Whether it is Fruit Flakes, Fruit Peelers or School Bars, I think it is so important to vary the snacks you consume. This means you won’t get bored of what you’re snacking on!
– And finally, it’s okay to have a “naughty” snack once in a while.. with all food, everything in moderation!

HarrisonHarrison Wright, Radio 1 Teen Hero and Healthy Eating Advocate

How does Fruit Bowl fit into your life?
Fruit Bowl to me isn’t replacing fresh fruit but as a replacement for a chocolate bar, cereal bar and sweets.  I take Fruit Bowl as a snack to school and it is good because it doesn’t take up to much room in my bag, also it stays fresh and does not melt or get crunched up.  My mum also likes Fruit Bowl so she keeps some in her bag for when we are out and about.

Is it a family favourite?
No because I like them so much I keep them all.. JOKES!! My cousin and my aunt both love them they always dip in to our snack tin…

What is your favourite product?
They are all really nice however my favourite is the Strawberry Yogurt Flakes, they are so creamy and a bit NAUGHTY!

What are your top 5 snacking tips for you and your and family?
-Have a small snack tin but only have healthy snacks in there.
-Have to be 100 calories or less!!
-Only two snacks a day
-Have things that will curve a sweet craving.
-Spread the snacks across the day.

ctz0hvbc_400x400.jpgSuzy Pelta, ITV’s Lorraine Bake Club Winner and Cook Book Author

How does Fruit Bowl fit into your life?
I always have Fruit Bowl snacks in my handbag, in my car and in my house! They are great for a quick convenient healthier snack for the kids. And it is better than reaching for chocolate or sweets.

What is your favourite product?
My children love the School Bars and Fruit Flakes and I am partial to a packet (or 2) of Yogurt Coated Raisins.

What are your top 5 snacking tips for you and your and family?
-Be prepared. Keep snacks handy for all snack emergencies.
-A snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon can just help to delay lunch and dinner, so we can all eat together as a family.
-It sounds obvious, but only keep snacks in your house that you want the family to eat. If you want to limit their chocolate intake then don’t keep a lot of chocolate in.
-Fruit Bowl snacks are great to give the children a healthy energy boost before their after school activities.
-If children are aware of and practice healthy snack decisions then that is going to carry through into adulthood.

peter.jpgPeter Sidwell, TV Chef and Food Writer

How does Fruit Bowl fit into your life?
I have two children who are always hungry and busy so Fruit Bowl offers a great on the go snack and for pack lunches.. they love the peelers.

What is your favourite product?
My favourite is the Yogurt Raisins, my children’s favourite are the Mango Fruit Flakes on their porridge.

What are your top 5 snacking tips for you and your and family?
-Always have some snacks in your bag or car.
-Mix it up, always have a variety of snacks.
-Try and limit snacks
-Get your children to make the snack with you so learn about food prep.
-Fruit Bowl’s range offer a great range of snacks which are enjoyed by me and my family.

Theo-Michaels.jpg.galleryTheo Micheals, MasterChef Finalist and Food Writer

How does Fruit Bowl fit into your life?
-Fruit Bowl serves as a quick and healthy means for the kids (and me!) to have a quick snack that isn’t full of sugar and naughty ingredients.

What is your favourite product?
The Strawberry Picked & Pressed bars! Just fruit pressed and baked!

What are your top 5 snacking tips for you and your and family?
-Don’t snack just before a meal – you won’t eat your dinner!
-Wait for your food to go down before snacking – often you’ll feel full once your body has digested your meal.
-Snacking is a good way to eat something small to stave off the hunger until a proper meal is ready.
-Don’t over indulge – a snack is a snack; it’s not a substitute for eating a proper meal.
-Keep a few on you, especially with kids their temperament can change (and mine!) if we’re hungry so a quick snack can make for an easier life!


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