Family fun for a rainy day!

We love finding fun new ways to keep the kiddies occupied. Let’s be honest, we can’t always rely on the weather (where has the heatwave gone?!) so we’ve had our little ones testing out lots of games to see which ones you can pull out of the cupboard on one of those rainy, cold days. It’s been a tough job, but someone had to do it! We’ve given each of them a rating out of 5, so read on to see our top picks…


Orchard Toys, Smelly Wellies, £7.75

We’re a big fan of Orchard Games – they’re generally quite straightforward, and their games can often be adapted to what ages you have playing which is really handy! We had so much fun playing Smelly Wellies. Our 5-year-old road tester absolutely loved it, as it was easy for her to get out the box and set up. Her 2-year-old sister also joined in the fun and loved matching the different patterns on the wellies. Overall this was a great hit, a simple easy rainy day staple.


Junior Cluedo, Prices start at £12.99

This bought back so many memories of the original Cluedo. It wasn’t the easiest game for our little ones to pick up – it took a couple of games to fully understand the rules and would need an adult to help most of the time. We split into teams which worked great and intensified the excitement and rivalry. It was so much fun and kept us all entertained for hours. Our little ones loved playing the detective, tricking the other players and pretending they knew the answers. You need time on your hands to get into this game, but it’s a great one that involves all the family.


Fletter, £7.99

This wasn’t the first game everyone wanted to pick up – the packaging could be a little more eye catching, but once we started playing it was an easy concept to grasp, set up and it kept the kids entertained for a while. It’s a word game, where players have to shout out words from the letters placed before them, so our little (and big) ones said it felt a bit like starting homework, but the nature of the game certainly helps with word recognition and spelling. Its compact size means the game is easy to pack up and take on holiday with you to keep the kids entertained on long journeys.


Toilet Trouble, Argos, £17.99

This is a perfect game for kids aged 6 and 8 – our little ones absolutely loved it! All we could hear was laughter for the full duration of the game. This is not too dissimilar to pie face, a fun family game with lots and lots of laughs.


Orchard Toys, Magic Math’s, £12.50

This was a great game which the whole family enjoyed. It was great to see a game that had really sparked our little ones attention and imagination. They have told all their friends about it. One of our little road testers likes math’s, the other doesn’t, but after a few sessions playing the game they loved math’s, which we would say is a great achievement for a game.


Early Learning Centre, Honey Bee Tree, £15

This was fun for the whole family. Our daughter loved playing this game, she was helped by her two bigger sisters, but it was wonderful to see them all playing together. They played so much they even named all of the bees. Also a great game to play as a whole family.



The Verdict: This has been a tough choice, we can’t lie. All of the games have been such fun, and are ideal for keeping your little ones entertained. For us, Magic Math’s from Orchard Toys just topped it. Why? Because it’s not just fun for the whole family, but also provides a good support for your little ones maths. We love to inspire children to enjoy school, and we believe if you make something fun, then it helps the learning process.


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